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Fabric for foot stool

Foot Stool Wool Double Cloth

Foot Stool
Wool Double Cloth

Making this up was a bit trickier than I thought it was going to be.  Mostly due to the weight of the cloth.  A lesson learned; and certainly, if I was to do this again, then I would use a finer gauge yarn, or make a single cloth.  So many options.  Too much of my HNC work to get through to allow myself to get distracted by new plans.

I designed the fabric to have a strong block of colour running  down the centre, with more texture and less defined colours to each side of it.  On reflection,  the contrast could have been stronger, the panel is not as well defined as I thought it would be, perhaps I should have used less of the grey in the centre panel ?

However, it is fantastic to finally make something useful….  almost everything I have woven to date has been “a sample”.

Final Collection Stool Fabric Development

This next image shows the 2 samples I worked up after my initial drawings and before my design development.

What is very clear from these initial samples is just how much my weaving has improved in the last month or so.  Not least because I finally got the double cloth exchange method into my brain.  Something I have been battling with for some time now.

Double cloth - off the loom, ready to wash and finish

Double cloth – off the loom, ready to wash and finish

It has taken all day to rectify my immense threading error, but at last, here it is, finally off the loom.

I really like it and it turned out as I expected, which is always a bonus.

It has since been washed and my shrinkage calculation proved right, so I now know it will fit the stool top.

Upholstery job and cushion making activities next week as I still have a couple of pieces of fabric to make.

And now, look at my buttons !


Buttons to make up cushions

Final Collection – Item 3 Upholstery Fabric on the Loom

A Day in the Life.........

This has kept me busy today – I was at the loom for most of the day, but having said that, it was very satisfying.  The warp on this piece gave me no end of trouble, but the weaving has been a breeze.  My designs for this project are based around images of bricks and stone/concrete; where the two materials come together as a patchwork, perhaps a window was bricked up, or a window placed where a door used to be.  These “alterations” leave an imprint of the past.

If any weavers are checking out my cloth… yes, I know there’s a threading error…. I’ll fix it 🙂