Yarn to Mix and Match

Blog handspun yarnMy lovely Wensleydale hand spun singles !  I bought tops from the Wensleydale Longwool Shop (spring 2014) at Wonder Wool in Wales.  How strange the transaction took place in Wales, when both me and the Shop usually reside in the Yorkshire Dales !

I had been keeping the tops to one side for a demonstration project which I found I was unable to do.  So I set too and got them spun up – what beautiful singles !  You can see that although the yarn has been washed and set, it still has the memory of wool curl.  I used to keep Wensledale sheep a few years back, and they really do have the most lustrous fleece.  And they are very pretty.

Moving on……….I made four pieces for my final woven collection, but I have by no means exhausted the design ideas I had, so I aim to carry on and make more, developing the palette and experimenting with finer and thicker yarns.  The first will be a double cloth in a finer gauge and at a smaller scale.  Something I could use as an upholstery fabric – maybe I will make another footstool?

blog yarn4

I was at Farfield Mill today and couldn’t resist looking through the stock of singles yarns at Laura’s Loom.  These are British wools and all sourced locally (north west).  I had to buy some 🙂

I plumped for a mid grey an a lovely purple.  Think they will work well together.  Can’t wait to get started (though there is still the matter of my bloomin’ essay)


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