Homeward Bound

I’m sitting on the train, homeward bound – up north.  Can’t be far now, grey skies and rain and I’m feeling quite chilly. I had a great time in London, exhibiting at New Designers was a really great experience, and I am amazed at how kind and generous people have been with their time, and compliments. If you talked to me in the last few days, thank you! Your validation of my work has been am enormous boost


2 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. Joan Fahy

    We talked at Euston Station where you were coping with soggy feet after the downpour. Your work sounds fascinating and clearly you love it. Good luck.


    1. beetextile Post author

      Oh – you missed a treat – our friends at the table opposite began to empty the contents (pills) of a huge number of prescription boxes into the little red box they had on the floor, and all of the discarded cardboard boxes put into the general rubbish sack (see-through plastic). I was so….. tempted to get up and read a packet or two. But I am too polite 🙂
      Thanks so much for your interest in my work



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