2 alternative weave structures, both using "tie-down" warp

2 alternative weave structures, both using “tie-down” warp

The fabric for this was completed last week.  It was the first of the Final Collection, as it was the largest cushion, and the weave would be hand-manipulated and therefore time-consuming.  I thought it best to get the tough one out of the way 🙂

Here, I sampled a couple of alternative lift plans, the top section produces a flemish bond brickwork pattern, the one below, a block pattern.

This design developed from exploring images of crumbling render which exposed brickwork and the opposite, patched brickwork, added into or around concrete or a rendered wall.



Completed Cushion

Completed Cushion

Completed today.

I love it!

It’s a requirement of the course, to examine and review work done primarily to identify what went right/wrong, what could be done differently.  I have considered this very carefully and I am completely happy with it.  Though if pushed, I might say that I wished I had made the contour (where the clasped wefts join) a little curvier.




Detail (clasped weft)

… Detail (clasped weft)

……and here is the detail.  The textured yarn is my own hand-spun Merino, which I made for this project.

This photograph was taken whilst the cloth was on the loom whereas the one above was taken in daylight – which explains the difference in colour


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