Yarndale ………… ugh

Set off with high hopes to Yarndale, Skipton, and grateful that there was to be a “wool festival” nearer to my home than Woolfest at Cockermouth.  About 2 miles out of Skipton, the problem began.  Stationary traffic 😦

There are four roads feeding onto the roundabout just west of Skipton, and I could see the queue of traffic on one of the other roads too.  What was slightly disturbing were the numbers of drivers (obviously fed up with the wait) executing a u-turn in the road, I wondered if I should follow suit but thought better of it.  Safety first !

Managed to get over the roundabout and nearing the venue, was told by a Marshall that there were no parking spaces.  What !  Decided to drive into Skipton and park up in town and walk out the the auction mart.  Same problem – the ton was jam packed, market day, puppet festival…. and it was a bright sunny day.  No joy, couldn’t find a space in town, so headed off home.

Quite miffed, as I paid for tickets for both days in advance (I won’t be going tomorrow). Ok, I appreciate it’s a new thing and there will be teething problems, but there are similar experiences to mine posted on Facebook, and to be balanced about it, lots of very positive things too.

Roll on Woolfest……………………….



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