Where I’m at…

I completed the HNC Contemporary Constructed Textile course at Bradford College and following the Final Show at the beginning of June, exhibited my work at the New Designers Exhibition in London.

I got so much out of the experience, not least the validation of my work.  My hand woven textiles incorporating hand-spun yarn attracted a lot of attention, and the feedback I got confirmed that there is a market for my considered designs and hand-made textiles.

My final project this year was an exploration of decaying and repaired buildings; not fine architectural examples, but the ordinary brick-build house or industrial building – most of my research was in and around Knaresborough in Yorkshire.  I was struck by the visibility of changes to buildings – where windows or doors had been blocked up, the imprint of the original was always there as the new and old materials rarely matched.

This work was exhibited at Farfield Mill Arts and Heritage Centre’s WOOL exhibition during October, and have been invited to exhibit my work at the Mall Galleries London in January, as a Licientiate Member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen.  It’ll be another new experience and a bit of a long haul for me from north Yorkshire, and oh my gosh, at some expense !

I have a long long list of things I need to do next, and I am pleased to say, some are “ticked off”, but I know I need to do some work on making my blog smarter and getting some more coverage in social media.  If you find anything you like here, I’d love it if you would share it with your friends, or leave a comment.